Sweet children, become introverted and think about benefiting yourselves. When you go on tour, sit in solitude and churn the ocean of knowledge. Ask yourself: Do I always remain cheerful?

Q- In which respect should you children of the Merciful Father have mercy for yourselves?

A- Just as the Father has mercy in wanting His children to change from thorns into flowers, and He makes so much effort to make you children beautiful, so you children, too, should feel mercy for yourselves. You call out to Baba: O Purifier, come and make us into flowers. He has now come and so will you not become flowers? If you have mercy for yourselves, you will remain soul conscious and imbibe everything the Father tells you.

D- 1. Always have the awareness that you are students of the unlimited Father, that God is teaching you and that you therefore have to study well and glorify the Father’s name. Let your behaviour be very royal.__________2. Become merciful like the Father and make yourself into flowers from thorns and others into flowers. Become introverted and think about benefiting yourself and others.

V- May you make the poisonous snake of the vices a garland around your neck and become an image of tapasya like Shankar._________The five vices are a poisonous snake for people, but the snake becomes a garland around the neck of you yogi souls who experiment with yoga. The memorial of you Brahmins and Father Brahma in the form of the bodiless, tapaswi form of Shankar is worshipped even today. Secondly, this snake becomes a stage for you to dance on in happiness. This spiritual stage is shown in the form of a physical stage. So, when you gain such victory over the vices you will then be said to be a soul who experiments with yoga and is an image of tapasya.

S- Those who have a sweet and peaceful nature cannot be attacked by the evil spirit of anger.