Sweet children, forget everything you have studied up till now. To die alive means to forget everything. Let nothing of the past be remembered.

Q- What are the signs of those who haven’t completely died alive?

A- They continue to argue even with the Father. They continue to give examples from the scriptures. Those who have completely died say: Only the things that Baba says are the truth. For half a cycle, the things we were listening to were false. This is why we mustn’t let those things emerge from our mouths. The Father says: Hear no evil!

D- 1. In order to become fast effort makers, become interested in the study. Wake up early in the morning and study this study. Have no desire to have visions. Time is wasted in that.__________2. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Forget this land of sorrow. Don’t argue with anyone. Show the path to the lands of liberation and liberation-in-life with love.

V- May you become an elevated server who achieves success in service by having the consciousness of being an instrument.___________The consciousness of being an instrument automatically brings you success in service. If there isn’t the consciousness of being an instrument, there is no success. An elevated server means one who places his every step in the Father’s footsteps and makes his every step elevated by following the elevated directions at every step. The more all waste is finished in service and in the self, the more powerful you accordingly become and a powerful soul achieves success at every step. An elevated server is one who always has zeal and enthusiasm and also gives enthusiasm to others.

S- Offer yourself for Godly service and you will continue to receive thanks.