Sweet children, it is now the time of settlement. Ravan has buried everyone in the graveyard. The Father has come to shower nectar and take you back with Him.


Why is Shiv Baba called the Innocent Lord of the Treasure Store?


Because it is when Shiva, the Innocent Lord, comes that He benefits those with no virtues, those with stone intellects and the hunchbacks and makes them into the masters of the world. He comes into the impure world and enters an impure body. He is so innocent. The direction of the Innocent Lord is: Sweet children, drink nectar and leave the poison of vices.


May you be constantly powerful by keeping the shield of the drama in front of you and eating the nourishment of happiness.

The food of happiness makes souls powerful. It is said: There is no nourishment like that of happiness. For this, use the shield of the drama very well. If you are constantly aware of the drama, you can never wilt and your happiness can never disappear because this drama is benevolent. Therefore, any scene that is non-benevolent also has benefit merged in it. By understanding this, you will remain constantly happy.


Those who remain distant from the dust of thinking of and looking at others are true invaluable diamonds.