Sweet children, at this present time, this life of yours is extremely valuable because you have come out of the limited and gone into the unlimited. You know that you are the ones who benefit this world.

Q- By making which effort do you claim a right to the Father's inheritance?

A- Only by constantly maintaining the vision of brotherhood and removing all consciousness of man and woman can you claim a full right to the Father's inheritance. However, it is very difficult to remove the consciousness and vision of man and woman. For this you need to practise remaining soul conscious. When you become a child of the Father you receive the inheritance. Only those who become satopradhan by having remembrance of the one Father can claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life.

D- 1. In order to become pure, make your vision firm that all of you souls are brothers. Then, as children of Father Brahma, you are all brothers and sisters. Both the souls and the bodies have to be purified and made satopradhan. Renounce body consciousness.___________2. Become master knowledge-full and give everyone the knowledge of the Creator and creation and thereby take them away from the extreme darkness. Do spiritual service of the people who are residents of hell and make them into residents of heaven.

V- May you become immortal and imperishable with the one determined thought of belonging to the one Father and none other.__________The stage of the children who have the determined thought of belonging to the one Father and none other automatically and easily becomes constant and stable. When they have this determination, the imperishable thread of all relationships is forged and they receive the blessing of becoming constantly immortal and imperishable. By having this determined thought, they receive a special lift for their efforts. Those who have all relationships with the one Father automatically receive all attainments.

S- Let your thinking, speaking and doing all become equal and you will then be called a most elevated effort-maker.