Sweet children, you are the sons and daughters of Kamdhenu (the cow that fulfils all desires), Jagadamba. You have to fulfil everyone's desires and show the true path to your brothers and sisters.

What responsibility have you children been given by the Father?

Children, the unlimited Father has come to give unlimited happiness, and so your duty is to give this message to everyone. Become the Father's helpers and make each home into heaven. Do the service of changing thorns into flowers. Become egoless and incorporeal like the Father and help everyone. The greatest responsibility of you children is to liberate the entire world from the claws of Ravan, the enemy.

Mother, o mother, you are the fortune maker for all.

Essence for dharna:

1. According to shrimat, you have to become the Fatherís true helpers. Do not follow the dictates of your own mind or those of others. Become free from attachment, have courage and engage yourself in doing service.

2. At present, you are in the home of the parents, and so you cannot follow any kind of fashion here. Decorate yourself with jewels of knowledge. Remain pure.


May you be a charitable soul who transforms sorrow into happiness and defamation into praise.

A charitable soul is someone who never causes sorrow or takes sorrow from anyone. Instead, he takes sorrow in the form of happiness and considers defamation to be praise. You can understand that one is a charitable soul. Make the lesson constantly firm of seeing a soul who insults you or causes you sorrow with your merciful form and with a vision of mercy, not with a vision of criticism. That one may insult you, but just offer flowers to him: you will then be called a charitable soul.


Those who merge BapDada in their eyes are lights of the world, the eyes of the world.