Sweet children, if you want to become elevated, examine your chart every day to see that none of your physical organs deceive you. The eyes are very deceitful. Therefore, remain very cautious with them.


What is the worst habit of all and what is the way to remain safe from it?


The worst habit is to please your taste buds. When some of you see something nice, you eat it secretly. To hide something means to steal. Maya, in the form of stealing, catches hold of many by their nose and ears. The way to remain safe from this habit is to punish yourself when your intellect is being pulled by something. In order to remove your bad habits you have to punish yourself a great deal.


May you claim a right to an air-conditioned ticket by remaining safe in every condition.

The children who remain safe here in every condition are the ones who receive an air-conditioned ticket. No matter what situations arise, what problems come, you need to have a certificate to overcome any problem in a second. Just as you have to pay money for that ticket, in the same way, you need to have the money here of "being constantly victorious” with which you can receive a ticket. There is no need to work hard to earn this money, but simply to stay with the Father all the time and you will continue to accumulate a countless income.


No matter what the situation is, let it go, but never let your happiness go.