Sweet children, when you become flowers, this Bharat will change from a forest of thorns to a complete garden of flowers. Baba has come to make you into flowers.


In order to become worthy of being in a temple, to what aspects should you pay special attention?


In order to become worthy of being in a temple, pay special attention to your behaviour. Your behaviour must be very sweet and royal. Let there be such sweetness that others can feel your sweetness. Give many others the Father's introduction. In order to benefit yourself, make effort very well and remain engaged in doing service.


May you be constantly humble and finish arrogance with your self-respect

The children who stay in their self-respect can never become arrogant; they are always humble. To the extent that they have self-respect, they are accordingly humble in saying, "Ha ji”. Young or old, knowledgeable or those without knowledge, conquerors of Maya or those under the influence of Maya, virtuous or those who have one or two defects, that is, those who are making effort to become virtuous – all of those who stay in their self-respect are bestowers who always give respect to everyone. This means that, because they themselves are full, they are constantly merciful.


Love is the method for easy remembrance. Therefore, remain constantly loving and make others loving.