Sweet children, this world is now a hopeless case. Everyone is to die and this is why your attachment to it has to end. Constantly remember Me alone!


What is the reason why you don’t have enthusiasm to do service?


1) If your character is not good and you do not remember the Father, you cannot have the enthusiasm to do service. You continue to perform one wrong action or another and are therefore unable to do service. 2) The Father's first direction is: When you die, the world is dead for you. You don't put this direction into practice. It is because your intellect is trapped in bodies and bodily relations that you are unable to do service.


Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Pay a lot of attention so that not even the slightest subtle or gross sin is committed. Don’t take anything secretly. Beware of greed and attachment.

2. Renounce any impure arrogance that would completely ruin you. Make effort to remember no one but the one Father.


May you become free from bondage and experience a high stage by becoming free from any subtle bondage of thoughts.

To the extent that children are free from bondage, so they can remain stable in a high stage. Therefore, check: Is any string still attached, even in a subtle form, in my thoughts, words or actions? Do not remember anyone except the one Father. If you remember even your body, then, along with your body, your relations of the body, your physical possessions and the world will all follow, one after another. I am free from bondage. “Keep this blessing in your awareness and do the service of releasing the whole world from Maya’s trap.


Those who finish any trouble of their bodies and minds with a soul-conscious stage can remain unshakeable.