Sweet children, create different methods for remembering the Father. Make effort and keep your chart. Don't become tired. Remain unshakeable in storms.


What experiences should you children share with one another?


1. For how long you remember the Father and how you remember Him. During meal times, do you remember the Father or do you have many other thoughts? Baba says: Children, try this and see. During meal times, do you remember anyone other than the Father? Then, share your experiences among yourselves. 2. You should also share your experiences of what your stage is like when you see any fearsome scene.


No matter what thousands of people of the world say.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become part of the sun dynasty, follow the Mother and Father accurately. Make effort to stay in remembrance and make others equal to yourself.

2. Make effort, follow shrimat and remain peaceful. Obey the orders of the seniors.


May you bow down as a humble-hearted instrument considering yourself to be a server and make others bow down.

Someone who offers his every thought and action to the Father is said to be an instrument. To be an instrument means to offer yourself, and anyone who bows down is said to be humble-hearted. The more you bow down with your sanskars and thoughts, the more the world will bow down to you. To bow down means to make others bow down. Let there not be the thought: Well, let others bow down in front of me. Those who are true servers always bow down. They never show any bossiness.


Now, do not be an embodiment of problems, become an embodiment of solutions.