Sweet children, you have to remain constantly on the gallows of remembrance. It is only by your having remembrance that you souls will become real gold.


What power instantly changes your criminal eyes?


When you souls receives the power of the third eye of knowledge, all criminality finishes. The Father's shrimat is: Children, all of you are brothers and brothers and sisters; your eyes must never become criminal. You must always stay in the intoxication of remembrance. Wonderful, wonderful fortune! God is teaching us! Think in this way and you will remain intoxicated.


May you be a yogyukt and a yuktiyukt server and remain beyond while doing service.

Those who are yogyukt and yuktiyukt servers always remain beyond while doing service. It is not that they are unable to become bodiless because they have a lot of service to do. When you remember that it is not your service, but that the Father has given it to you, you will remain free from bondage. Practise: I am a trustee, I am free from bondage. At crucial times, practise the karmateet stage your final stage. Just as you control the traffic of your thoughts every now and then, in the same way, at crucial times, experience the final stage and you will be able to pass with honours in the final moments.


Good wishes transform excuses into solutions.