Sweet children, your spiritual yoga is for becoming ever pure because you have yoga with the Ocean of Purity in order to establish the pure world.

Q- Which faith should the children who have firm faith in their intellects have first of all? What are the signs of that faith?

A- First and foremost, you need to have the firm faith that you are children of the one Father and that you receive the deity sovereignty from Him. When you have this faith, it will instantlyenter your intellects that the devotion you have been performing has now ended and that you have now found God Himself. Only the children whose intellects have firm faith become heirs.

D- 1. Don’t make excuses but continue to follow the Father’s shrimat. Give the proof of service._______2. Don’t forget that you are the children of God and that your clan is the highest of all. Let your intellect have faith and also inspire others to have faith.

V- May you serve as a detached observer while keeping the speciality and uniqueness of Brahmin birth in your awareness._________This Brahmin birth is a divine birth. Ordinary souls celebrate their birthdays, marriage day, friends’ day separately, but your birthday, marriage day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, engagement day are all the same because all of you have promised to belong to the one Father and none other. So, play your part in doing service while keeping the speciality and uniqueness of this birth in your awareness. Be one another’s companion in service, but be a companion while remaining a detached observer. Let there not be the slightest subservience to anyone.

S- A carefree emperor is one who has a balance of humility and authority in his life.