Sweet children, consider yourselves to be souls and speak to your brother souls. Make your vision so firm that no evil spirits enter you. When you see that there is an evil spirit in someone, step away from that person.

Q- How do children become atheists and theists even after belonging to the Father?

A- 1) Theists are those who follow the Godly disciplines and who make effort to remain soul conscious. Atheists are those who are influenced by evil spirits against the Godly disciplines and fight and quarrel amongst themselves. 2) Theist children break their intellects’ yoga away from their bodies and bodily relations, including friends and relatives, and consider themselves to be brothers. Atheist children remain body conscious.

D- 1. Don’t do anything against the Godly disciplines. If there is an evil spirit in someone, or if he has evil vision, move away from that person. Don’t talk to that person too much.________2. In order to experience permanent happiness, pay full attention to the study. Remove devilish traits, imbibe divine virtues and become theists.

V- May you be a powerful soul who knows the importance of every second and every thought and thereby fills your account of accumulation._________At the confluence age, you have imperishable attainments from the imperishable Father at every moment. It is only at this one time out of the whole cycle that you receive such fortune and this is why your slogan is: “If not now, then never”. Whatever elevated tasks you have to carry out, you have to do those now. When you have this awareness, you will never waste your time, thoughts or actions. Through your powerful thoughts, your account of accumulation will become full and the soul will become powerful.

S- The uniqueness of every word and every act is purity. Transform ordinariness into uniqueness.