Sweet children, the words "O God! O Baba!" should never emerge from your mouths. That practice belongs to the path of devotion.


Why do you children prefer to dress in white? What does it symbolize?


You have now died alive from this old world and this is why you prefer to dress in white. This white dress symbolizes death. When someone dies, he is covered with a white sheet. You children have now died alive.


May you become an image that grants visions and reveal your complete and perfect form by putting a fullstop to weaknesses.

The world remembers your complete and perfect form and your worthy of worship form of the previous cycle. Therefore, now reveal your perfect form in a practical way. Put a fullstop to the weaknesses of the past, and finish your old sanskars and nature with determination. Do not copy the weaknesses of others. Stop your intellect from imbibing defects. Have a satopradhan intellect that imbibes divine virtues and you will then become an image that grants visions.


Keep your eternal and original virtues in your awareness and put them into practice.