Sweet children, in order to pass with honours, your intellects’ yoga should not wander even slightly. Remember the one Father alone.Those who remember anyone’s body cannot claim a high status.

Q- What is the highest destination?

A- The highest destination for you souls is when you die alive and belong to the one Father alone; when you don’t remember anyone else and completely forget all consciousness of your bodies. The highest destination is to make your stage constantly soul conscious. It is through this that you will attain your karmateet stage.

D- 1. Do not have attachment to any bodily beings. To remember someone’s body means to remember the evil spirits. Therefore, do not become trapped in anyone’s name and form. You must even forget your own body.__________2. Accumulate an imperishable income for the future. Become sensible and imbibe the points of knowledge in your intellect. Understand the things that the Father explains and then explain them to others.

V- May you be loved by Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts, and claim number one on the basis of having an honest and clean heart.__________The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, only loves the children who have honest hearts. Even if someone isn’t worldly-wise but has an honest and clean heart, he will claim number one. The Father gives such a big intellect and by knowing the Creator with it, you come to know the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. So, the numbers are based on having an honest and clean heart, not on the basis of service. Service done with a true heart makes an impacts on hearts. Those who are brainy people earn a name whereas those with a heart earn blessings.

S- To have pure thoughts and good wishes for everyone is to give true upliftment.