Sweet children, everything of yours here is incognito, and this is why you mustn't have any external show. Maintain the intoxication of your new kingdom.


What effort do you children make to establish your elevated religion and divine actions (dharma and karma)?


You are now making effort to renounce the five vices because these vices have corrupted everyone. You know that, at this time, all have become corrupt and have moved away from their divine religion and actions. The Father gives you shrimat and establishes your elevated religion and elevated, divine actions. You conquer the vices by following shrimat and having remembrance of the Father. You give yourself the tilak of sovereignty through this study.


May you have a right to supersensuous joy and to keeping yourself safe from Maya’s attack with your trikaldarshi stage.

The special blessing of the confluence age and the speciality of Brahmin life is supersensuous joy. This cannot be experienced in any other age. However, in order to experience this happiness, you have to keep yourself safe from Maya’s attack with your trikaldarshi stage. If you are repeatedly attacked by Maya, you will not be able to experience supersensuous joy, even if you want to. Those who experience supersensuous joy cannot be attracted by the happiness of the senses; because of being knowledge-full, they find that to be very tasteless.


When there is a balance between service through karma and through thoughts, you will be able to make the atmosphere powerful.