Sweet children, you have to die a living death from this old world and your old bodies and return home. Therefore, renounce body consciousness and become soul conscious.

Q- What are the signs of the children who are very good effort-makers?

A- Those who are good effort-makers wake up early in the morning and practise being soul conscious. They make effort to remember the one Father. Their aim is not to remember bodily beings but constantly to remember the Father and the cycle of 84 births. This is such wonderful fortune!

D- 1. Instead of asking the Father for blessings, settle all your karmic accounts with the pilgrimage of remembrance. Make effort to become pure. Understand this drama accurately.__________2. While seeing this old world, do not remember anything. Become a karma yogi. Practise remaining constantly cheerful. Never cry.

V- May you adopt pure intentions and elevated wishes for all souls and become a holy swan with a swan intellect._________To have a swan intellect means constantly have pure and elevated thoughts for all souls. First of all, discern the intentions of all souls and then imbibe them. Do not let your intellect imbibe any impure or ordinary intentions for any soul. Those who always have pure intentions and pure wishes are holy swans. When they see or hear anything non-benevolent of any soul, they will transform that non-benevolence with their attitude of benevolence. Their vision for every soul will be elevated, pure and loving.

S- Become such a Ganges of love that the Father, the Ocean of Love, is visible through you.