Sweet children, your love is for the one Father because you receive the unlimited inheritance from Him. You say to Him with love, "My Baba!”


Why can no words spoken by human beings be compared to those spoken by the Father?


Because every word that the Father speaks is an elevated version. Those who hear these elevated versions become great; they become the most elevated humans. The Father’s elevated versions make you into beautiful flowers. Words spoken by human beings are not elevated versions. In fact, it is because of them that you have been coming down.


May you become great in serving with the lesson of "Ha ji” (yes indeed) and become worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings.

While doing service in happiness and with enthusiasm, also pay attention to the way you do service so that you also receive everyone’s blessings because where there are blessings, there will not be hard work. Now, simply have the aim of receiving blessings from those you come into contact with. The lesson of "Ha ji” is the means of receiving blessings. Even if some are wrong, do not push them down further by saying that they are wrong, but give them support and enable them to stand up. Be co-operative and you will receive blessings from their contentment. Those who become great in receiving blessings become great automatically.


As well as being a hard worker, also keep the aim of becoming hard (strong) in your stage.