Sweet children, you souls have received your own parts in this unlimited drama. You now have to remove your bodily costumes and return home. You then have to go to your new kingdom.


How is it proved that the Father doesn't have any tasks performed through inspiration, but that He incarnates?


It is said of the Father that He is Karankaravanhar. Inspiration means to think. A new world cannot be established through inspiration. The Father establishes the new world through the children. Unless he has physical organs, He cannot enable anything to be done. Therefore, He has to take the support of a body.


May you become a constant and an easy yogi by experiencing the co-operation of all relationships.

To take help, that is, to experience all the different relationships with the Father every moment, is to have easy yoga. The Father is bound to fulfil the responsibility of a relationship at any time. Throughout the whole cycle, it is only now that you have the mine of all experiences. Therefore, always take the help of all the relationships and become a constant and easy yogi because those who remain lost in the experience and attainment of all relationships are easily able to remain beyond the atmosphere of the old world.


To remain filled with all powers is the speciality of the Brahmin form.