05.09.21       Morning Murli        Om Shanti   15.03.88   BapDada       Madhuban

The basis of the picture of the new world is the present elevated Brahmin life.

May you remain merged in love for the one Father, constantly experiencing the stage of ascent and become an embodiment of success.

The main basis of success in service and your stage of ascent is to have unbroken love for the Father. Do not let yourself see anything except the one Father: Baba in your thoughts, Baba in your words and Baba’s company in your actions too. When a soul merged in love says even one word, then the words of love tie other souls in the bond of love too. The one word “Baba” from such souls merged in love works like magic. They become spiritual magicians.

A yogi soul is one who is introverted and stable in the form of light and might.

                                                            *** Om Shanti ***