Sweet children, sit in solitude and practise experiencing yourself to be a soul separate from your body. This is known as dying alive.


What is the meaning of solitude? What should you experience while sitting in solitude?


The meaning of solitude (lost in the depths of One) is to sit in remembrance of the One and let the body finish. This means to sit in solitude and experience: I, a soul, am leaving this body and am going to the Father. No one else should be remembered. Become bodiless while sitting there, as though you are dead to your body. I am a soul, a child of Shiv Baba. That's all! By practising this, your body consciousness will continue to break.


May you be a true server who finishes all differences and brings about unity.

The speciality of Brahmin life is for the many to become united. It is with your unity that one religion and one kingdom will be established in the world. So, pay special attention to finishing any differences and bring about unity and you will then be called the true servers. You are not servers for yourselves but servers for serving. Whatever you have surrendered is for service. Just as sakar Baba sacrificed his bones for service, in the same way, let service continue to take place through every physical organ of yours.


Become lost in God’s love and the world of sorrow will be forgotten.