Sweet children, the Father has come to give you children your inheritance of peace and happiness. Your original religion is peace. Therefore, you no longer wander around searching for peace.


How do you children become worthy of being weighed against unlimited treasures for 21 births?


When the Father comes to make the world new, you children become His helpers. You use everything you have in a worthwhile way for His task. Therefore, in return, the Father weighs you against unlimited treasures for 21 births so that your wealth never diminishes; you never experience sorrow or untimely death.


May you be a conqueror of the world by becoming free from any bondage of a royal form of Maya.

My effort, my invention, my service, my touching, my virtues are good; my decision making power is very good. This consciousness of "mine” is a royal form of Maya. Maya performs such magic that she even makes "Yours” into "mine” and so, now, become free from any such bondage and form a relationship with the one Father and you will become a conqueror of Maya. Only those who are conquerors of Maya become conquerors of the world. They can easily and automatically use the direction of one second to become bodiless.


A world transformer is one who transforms anyone’s negative into positive.