Sweet children, this drama is eternally predestined. The act of each actor is fixed in this drama. No one can receive eternal liberation (moksha).

Q- Shiv Baba is bodiless, so why does He enter a body? Which work does He do and which work does He not do?

A- Baba says: Children, I enter this body just to speak the murli to you. I only do the work of speaking the murli. I do not come here to eat and drink. I have come here to give you the new kingdom, but it is the soul of this one who tastes everything.

D- 1. In order to imbibe knowledge well, make the vow of purity. These are the final moments. Therefore, practise having remembrance in such a way that you don’t remember anyone except the Father at the end.________2. By doing service like Dadichi Rishi, gain victory over the vices and become a conqueror of the world.

V- May you stabilise your intellect in an elevated stage according to the directions and become a master almighty authority._________When some children sit in yoga, instead of being soul conscious, they remember service. However, it should not be like that because if, instead of becoming bodiless in the final moments you have thoughts of service, you would fail the paper of a second. At that time, you must remember nothing but the Father and of being incorporeal, viceless and egoless. In service, you would still come into a physical consciousness. Therefore, when you have to stabilise yourself in a particular stage, practise becoming stable in that alone for only then will you be called a master almighty authority who has controlling and ruling powers.

S- The easy way to overcome any situation easily is to have one Strength and one Support.