By attaining the rights of the confluence age you become one who has a right to the kingdom of the world.

V- May you be a courageous soul who makes the impossible possible by becoming strong from weak.________On the basis of the blessing “When the child has courage, the Father helps”, you first had the determination that you definitely had to become pure. The Father gave you multi-million-fold help. He said: You souls are eternally and originally pure, you have to become that many times and you will continue to become that. By becoming aware of “many times before”, you have become powerful. From being weak, you have become so strong that you challenge people and say that you will definitely make the world pure and show everyone. What the rishis, munis and great souls consider to be difficult – staying in a household and remaining pure – you say is extremely easy.

S- To make a vow is to have determination. True devotees never break their vow.