Sweet children, you are the most valuable servants of Bharat. On the basis of shrimat you use your bodies, minds and wealth to make it into the kingdom of Rama.

Q- What is the true spiritual service that you children are now doing?

A- By following shrimat, you children are establishing the pure land of happiness in an incognito way. This is the true spiritual service of Bharat. By following the unlimited Father’s shrimat, you are liberating everyone from Ravan’s jail. For this, you are becoming pure and making others pure.

D- 1. Just as the highest BapDada is simple, so you have to become very simple, incorporeal and egoless in the same way. Churn this first-class knowledge that you receive from the Father.____________2. In order to attain unlimited happiness in this drama which repeats identically, make unlimited effort. Do not stop making effort or leave everything to the drama. You definitely have to make effort for your reward.

V- May you entertain your mind and becomes an embodiment of what you listen to and become a constantly powerful soul._____________Daily bring thoughts of zeal and enthusiasm for yourself and others into your mind. Become an embodiment of those thoughts yourself and also use those thoughts to serve others. Your life will then become full of enthusiasm for all time and you will also become one who gives enthusiasm to others. Just as you have entertainment programmes, in the same way, make a daily programme to entertain your mind and become an embodiment of whatever you listen to and you will become powerful.

S- Before changing others, first of all change yourself. This is being wise and sensible.