Sweet children, you definitely receive the fruit of whatever actions you perform. Only the one Father does altruistic service.


How is this class so wonderful? What is the main effort that you have to make here?


This is the only class where young ones, adults and also old people sit together. This class is so wonderful that, one day, even those who have stone intellects, those without virtues and sages will come and sit here. The main effort you have to make here is for remembrance. It is only by having remembrance that there is the nature cure for souls and bodies, but in order to stay in remembrance you do also need knowledge.


May you be constantly cheerful and double light and colour yourself with spiritual colour by keeping spiritual company.

The children who make the Father their heart’s true Companion always remain coloured with spiritual company. To keep the company of the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Satguru with your intellect is to have the company of the Truth (satsang). Those who stay in the company of the Truth remain constantly cheerful and double light. They do not experience any type of burden. They experience themselves to be full, as though they have a mine of happiness in them, and that whatever belongs to the Father belongs to them.


Make disheartened ones strong with the co-operation of your sweet words and zeal and enthusiasm.