Sweet children, you now have to become bodiless and return home. Therefore, whenever you speak to anyone, consider yourself to be a soul speaking to your brother soul. Make effort to remain soul conscious.

Q- What is the basis of claiming the tilak of the future sovereignty?

A- How you study. Each one of you has to study and claim the tilak of sovereignty. The Father has the duty to teach you; there is no question of blessings in this. If you have full faith, then continue to follow shrimat. Don’t make mistakes. If you have a conflict of opinion and stop studying, you will fail. Therefore, Baba says: Sweet children, have mercy on yourselves. You mustn’t ask for blessings, but you must pay attention to studying.

D- 1. While living at home with your families, race among yourselves. However, if one wheel becomes slack due to any reason, you mustn’t stop because of that one. Become worthy of giving yourself the tilak of sovereignty._______2. Celebrate Shiv Jayanti with a lot of splendour because through the jewels of knowledge that Shiv Baba gives you now you will become prosperous in the new world. All your treasure-stores will become full.

V- May you be free from temptation and remain beyond any attraction of the comforts of matter and become a conqueror of matter._________If any of the comforts of matter disturb your physical senses, that is, if you have any feeling of attraction, you will not be able to become detached. Desires are a form of attraction. Some say that they do not have any desires (ichcha) but that they do find something to be good (achcha). This is also a subtle attraction. Check it in a subtle way as to whether that physical comfort which is a means of temporary happiness, attracts you. That physical comfort is a facility of matter and when you become free from its attraction and become detached, you will then become a conqueror of matter.

S- Put aside the confusion of “mine, mine” and stay in the unlimited and you will then be said to be a world benefactor.