Sweet children, now donate the vices so that the omens are removed and this tamopradhan world becomes satopradhan.

Q- Which aspect should you children never become distressed about?

A- You should never become distressed with your life because this life has been praised as the life like a diamond. You have to take care of it. If you are healthy, continue to listen to knowledge. However many days you continue to live here, you will continue to earn an income and your accounts settled.

D- 1. Stay in the unadulterated remembrance of the one Father and finish all consciousness of the body. Make effort to become karmateet. For as long as you reside in that body, you have to accumulate an imperishable income.___________2. Become a knowledgeable soul and serve others. Imbibe whatever you hear from the Father, and then relate it to others. Donate the five vices and become free from the omens of Rahu.

V- May you constantly experience the power of your mind and use it to be co-operative in the huge tasks.___________In order to transform matter and the vibrations of tamoguni souls and to keep yourself safe in the atmosphere and vibrations of unnecessary bloodshed, to give co-operation to many souls, to begin the new creation with the power of yoga for the new world, for all these huge tasks, you need the power of your mind. It is only with the power of your mind that your final moments will be beautiful. The power of the mind means the power of elevated thoughts, to have a clear line with the One. Now become experienced in this and you will then be able to co-operate in the unlimited tasks and claim a right to the unlimited kingdom.

S- Fearlessness and humility are the forms of a yogi and gyani soul.