Sweet children, the happiness of this old world is only momentary and will not go with you. It is the imperishable jewels of knowledge that go with you. Therefore, accumulate your imperishable income.

Q- What are you not taught in the study that the Father teaches you?

A- You are not taught occult power. Reading someone's thoughts is occult power. You are not taught that knowledge. The Father is not a thought reader. He is called Janijananhar (Knower of all secrets), that is, He is knowledge-full. The Father comes to teach you this spiritual study through which you claim the kingdom of the world for 21 births.

D- 1. In order to experience limitless happiness by having loving remembrance of the Father, you must keep the line of your intellect clear. Souls become satopradhan when their remembrance takes the form of fire._________2. In return for your shells, the Father gives you jewels. Fill your aprons from such an Innocent Lord. Attain salvation by studying the study of remaining in silence.

V- May you be constantly victorious and attain three medals of victory._________In order to claim a number in the rosary of victory, first of all, have victory over yourself, then attain victory over all others and then victory over matter. When you have attained these three medals you will then be able to become a bead of the rosary of victory. To have victory over yourself means to transform your wasteful intentions and nature with your elevated intentions and good wishes. Those who have victory over themselves in this way are also able to have victory over others. To have victory over matter means to triumph over the atmosphere, vibrations and the problems of physical matter.

S- Those who completely rule their physical organs are the true Raj yogis.