Sweet children, you now have to return home. Therefore, forget the consciousness of your body, consider yourself to be a bodiless soul and break any attachment you have to anyone.


What wisdom do you children learn from the Father at the confluence age?


It is only now that you learn the wisdom of how to become satopradhan from tamopradhan and how to make your fortune elevated. To the extent that you remain accurately linked in yoga and knowledge-full, accordingly you will continue to experience progress. Children who progress can never remain hidden. From each of the children’s acts the Father can understand which children are making their fortune elevated.


May you be a constant yogi who makes yourself into an easy yogi by giving co-operation.

To co-operate with the Father at the confluence age is the way to become an easy yogi. Those whose every thought, word and action is in co-operation with the Father and in His task of establishing the kingdom are said to be knowledge-full, they are yogi souls and true servers. If not with your mind, then with your body and if not with your body, then with your wealth, and if not with your wealth, then co-operate in whatever way you can, for this too is yoga. Since you belong to the Father, then it is just you and the Father and no third person. In this way, you will become a constant yogi.


To tolerate, that is, to die at the confluence age is to claim the kingdom of heaven.