Sweet children, check yourself to see whether you have become a flower. Check that you don’t become a thorn by having arrogance of the body. The Father has come to change you from thorns into flowers.


On the basis of which faith are you able to have unbroken love for the Father?


When you first have the faith that you are a soul, you will have love for the Father. You need to have the unbroken faith that the incorporeal Father is present in this lucky chariot. He is teaching us through this one. When this faith breaks, your love decreases.


May you be a constant server who serves at every moment through your every thought, attitude and actions.

Just as you find the Father extremely lovely, and that there is no life without the Father, in the same way, there is no life without service. As well as being a constant yogi, also be a constant server. Do service even while sleeping. When you are seen sleeping, let them see peace on your face and experience vibrations of bliss. Continue to do the service of reminding everyone to have remembrance of the Father with every one of your physical organs. Continue to spread vibrations with your powerful attitude. Continue to give blessings to become a karma yogi with your actions. Continue to accumulate multi-millions at every step and you would then be said to be a constant server and serviceable.


Remain aware of your spiritual personality and you will become a conqueror of Maya.