Sweet children, you Brahmins have taken the lap of God. You should have the intoxication that the Father has made you belong to Him through this (Brahma’s) body.

What divine tasks did the Father perform for which He has been praised so much?

The tasks of changing impure ones into pure ones and liberating all human beings from the chains of Maya, Ravan. Only the Father performs these divine tasks. You receive from the unlimited Father the inheritance of unlimited happiness which lasts for half a cycle. In the golden age there is the golden jubilee and in the silver age there is the silver jubilee. One is satopradhan and the other is sato; both are called the lands of happiness. The Father established that land of happiness, which is why His praise is sung.


This is the Temple of Justice, the home of God.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to enter the deity clan, be very cautious about your diet. Do not eat anything impure.

2. Have unlimited disinterest in this dirty old world which is about to end and remember the Father, the Creator of heaven.


May you be a co-operative and elevated donor, who makes weak ones powerful with your powers and virtues.

All the virtues and powers of the worthy children who have an elevated stage constantly co-operate at a time of need. The special form of service that they do is to donate the virtues and powers they receive from the Father to the souls who do not have this knowledge. They also give their co-operation to Brahmin souls. To make weak ones powerful is an elevated donation and form of co-operation. Just as you do service through your words and mind, in the same way, give the co-operation of the virtues and powers you have received to all souls and enable them to attain something.


Those who fix their fortune with determined faith remain constantly carefree.