Sweet children, the foundation of knowledge is faith. Make effort with your intellects to have faith and you will reach the destination.

What one aspect should you understand deeply and have faith in?

The karmic accounts of all souls are about to be settled and everyone will return to the sweet home like a swarm of mosquitoes. After that, only a few souls will go to the new world. You have to understand this aspect deeply and have faith in it.

Which children is the Father pleased to see?

The children who completely sacrifice themselves to the Father, those who are not shaken by Maya, and who are as unshakeable and immovable as Angad. The Father is pleased to see such children.

Have patience, O mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Essence for dharna:

1. Whether sitting or moving, consider yourself to be an actor. Let your heart remember that you have now completed your part of 84 births and have to return home. Be soul conscious.

2. Your intellect must have faith and you have to make effort to change from a thorn into a flower. Be victorious in your battle with Maya and become karmateet. Remember your home as much as possible.


May you be as loving and detached as the Father and make every task light with your stage of lightness.

To experience your three subtle powers of the mind, intellect and sanskars to be light is to be as detached and loving as the Father. According to the time, the external atmosphere is tamopradhan and the attitudes of human souls are heavy. To the extent that the external atmosphere is heavy, accordingly, your thoughts, actions, and relationships have to continue to be light and, because of this lightness, all your tasks will continue to be light. You will not be influenced by any business. This is the stage of being equal to the Father.


Maintain the alokik intoxication “Wah re me!” (The wonder of myself!) and your mind and body will continue to dance naturally.