Sweet children, always remain happy knowing who it is that is teaching you; this is also being "Manmanabhav”. You have the happiness that you had stone intellects yesterday and that your intellects today are becoming divine.


What is the basis of someone's fortune opening?


Faith; if it is going to take long for someone's fortune to open, he continues to limp along. Those whose intellects have faith study very well and gallop ahead. If you have doubts about anything you remain behind. Those whose intellects have faith and who continue to race to the Father will become satopradhan.


May you be a great donor with your mind and give all souls the donation of peace with the freedom of your mind.

Although those mothers are in bondage physically, they are always free in their minds, and so, they can do the service of transforming the atmosphere of the world with their attitudes and pure thoughts. Nowadays, the world needs peace of mind. Souls who are free in their minds can spread vibrations of peace with their minds. By your staying in remembrance of the Father, the Ocean of Peace, rays of peace automatically spread. Those who donate peace in this way are great donors with their minds.


You relate experiences of the form of love, but now relate experiences of the form of power.