Sweet children, you become pure by following the shrimat of the Purifier Father and this is how you receive the kingdom of the pure world. Those who become pure by following their own dictates do not attain anything.


What should you children especially pay attention to when doing service?


When you are on service, do not sulk with one another over trivial matters; that is, don't become upset. If you become like salt water with one another and don't speak to one another, you become instruments for disservice to take place. Some children even sulk with the Father and start performing wrong actions. The adoption of such children is then cancelled.

Essence for dharna:

1. Fill the apron of your intellect with the imperishable jewels of knowledge and donate them. Only by donating knowledge will your happiness be maintained and your wealth of knowledge will continue to increase.

2. Never become upset with one another or become like salt water. Remember the Father and listen to the murli with a lot of love. Don't become like a crazy person.


May you be a master teacher and constantly accumulate in your account of charity and enable others to do the same.

“We are master teachers” – when you say master, you automatically remember the Father. By remembering the One who creates you, you automatically remember you are an instrument. Always have the special awareness: I am a charitable soul and accumulating and to enable others to accumulate in their accounts of charity is special service. A charitable soul cannot accumulate even one percent of sinful thoughts in his account. A master teacher means one who accumulates in his account of charity and enables others to do the same, like the Father.


One who knows the significance of a gathering experiences safety for himself in a gathering.