Sweet children, just as the Father gives happiness for your future 21 births, so you have to become the Father’s helpers in the same way. Become ones with loving intellects. Never think of causing sorrow for anyone.


What is the task of you children who are rup and basant? What teachings have you received from the Father?


The task of you rup basant children is to let jewels of knowledge constantly emerge from your lips. Stones should never emerge from your lips. The Father’s teachings for all the children are: 1. Do not trouble one another. Never become angry; that is the work of devilish human beings. 2. Never let your mind think of causing sorrow for anyone. 3. Tolerate everything: praise and defamation, respect and disrespect. If anyone says anything, just remain silent. Do not take the law into your own hands.


May you have a combined Shiv Shakti form and spread the fragrance of elevated vibrations with the thoughts in your mind and your attitude.

Nowadays, with the help of physical aids, they spread many types of fragrance such as rose and sandalwood into the atmosphere. In the same way, all of you have to have the combined form of Shiv Shakti and spread the fragrance of happiness, peace, love and bliss with the thoughts in your mind and with your attitude. Every day at amrit vela, sprinkle like a fountain, different elevated vibrations on all souls as though using rose water sprinkler. Simply put on the automatic switch of your thoughts and finish the bad odour of impure attitudes in the world.


Receiving a treasure-store of happiness from the Bestower of Happiness is a sign of His love.