Sweet children, have unlimited disinterest in this old world because the Father is creating the new home of heaven for you.


Due to what things are there obstacles in this imperishable sacrificial fire of Rudra?


This is the imperishable sacrificial fire of Rudra created by Shiv Baba. You are becoming pure by this in order to change from human beings into deities. It is also because you stop performing devotion that there are obstacles. People want there to be peace and for destruction not to take place, whereas the Father has created this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra for the destruction of the old world. It is only after this that the world of peace will come.

Essence for dharna:

1. Always let the nectar of knowledge emerge from your mouth. Give everyone knowledge for them to receive liberation. Listen to only the one Father’s knowledge and no one else’s.

2. In order to go into the stage of ascent, practise remembering the Father while walking and moving around. Finish your attachment to this old world and to your old costume.


May you be a perfect angel who follows the one path and has all relationships with One.

Let your intellect keep the company and relationship with the one Father in the incorporeal and corporeal forms and you will become an angel. Those who have all relationships and all connections with the One are angels all the time. Just as the Government puts up a board on the road, “This road is blocked”, in the same way, block all roads and your intellect will stop wandering. BapDada’s order is: First of all, close all paths and, by doing this, you will easily become an angel.


To constantly have zeal and enthusiasm for service is the means of safety from Maya.

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari

Sitting to have constant remembrance of God.

When we are sitting in remembrance of God, what is the purpose of sitting? We mustn’t just sit in remembrance of God, for we have to have remembrance of God at every moment while walking and moving around. We can only remember those whom we know, what His name and form are. If we say that God is beyond name and form, then in which form should we remember Him? If we say that God is omnipresent, then His presence is everywhere, and so whom should we remember? If we speak of remembrance, then there must definitely be a form we have to remember. Remembrance means one who is remembering and the other one who is being remembered. Therefore, the one who is remembering is definitely separate from the one being remembered. So, it means that God is not omnipresent. If we say that souls are parts of God, then is God in pieces? That would mean God is perishable and remembrance of Him is also perishable. People do not know God is imperishable and that we souls, children of that imperishable Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, are also imperishable. So, we are His creation, not a part of Him. We need this knowledge which God Himself comes and gives us children. God’s elevated versions for us children are: Children, by remembering Me as I am and what I am, you will definitely attain Me. If, I, the Father, who is beyond happiness and sorrow were to be omnipresent, there wouldn’t be happiness and sorrow in this play. So, I am not omnipresent. I am also a soul like other souls, but My virtues are supreme when compared to all souls and this is why I am called the Supreme Soul, God. Achcha.