Sweet children, you are now on Godly service. You have to show everyone the path to happiness and make effort to win a scholarship.


Which fear is removed from you children, when your intellects imbibe knowledge very well?


When you come into knowledge and you imbibe this knowledge, the fear of your guru of the path of devotion cursing you is removed, because no one on the path of knowledge can curse you. Ravan curses you, whereas the Father gives you the inheritance. Those who study occult power trouble others and do things that cause others sorrow. On the path of knowledge you children give happiness to everyone.


May you make an economical budget of all treasures and become a refined effort-maker.

In ordinary life, if there isn’t someone economical in a family, the house cannot function well. In the same way, if the instrumental children are not economical, the centre will not function well. Those are limited households, whereas this is an unlimited household. So, you have to check how much extra you spent in terms of your thoughts, words and powers. Those who make an economical budget of all their treasures and go about their lives accordingly are called refined effort-makers. None of their thoughts, words, actions or powers of knowledge can go to waste.


Become filled with the treasures of love and give everyone love and receive love.