Sweet children, in order to create your fortune, engage yourselves in God’s service. Mothers and kumaris should be eager to surrender themselves to the Father. The Shiv Shaktis can glorify the Father’s name.

Q- What good advice does the Father give all the kumaris?

A- O kumaris: You should now show wonders. You have to become like Mama. Now let go of the opinions of society and become conquerors of attachment. If you become a half-kumari, there would be a flaw in you. You have to remain safe from colourful Maya. Do God’s service and thousands will come and bow down at your feet.

D- 1. Do not make any external show in this world. In order to pass completely, continue to make incognito effort._______2. Do not get trapped in this colourful world. Become conquerors of attachment and do the service of glorifying the Father’s name. Awaken everyone's fortune.

V- May you be in a state of happiness and have the fortune of happiness by constantly eating and giving others the nourishment of happiness.______You children have true, imperishable wealth and so you are the wealthiest of all. Even if you only eat dry chappatis, those dry chappatis are filled with the nourishment of happiness. Nothing more is needed. You are the ones who eat the best nourishment, the chappatis of happiness and so you are constantly in a state of happiness. Therefore, constantly stay in this state of happiness so that others who see you also become happy and only then will you be said to be souls who have the fortune of happiness.

S- A knowledge-full person is someone who does not waste a single thought or word.