Sweet children, people create many ways to benefit their bodies. Only the Father tells you the way for souls to progress and ascending. This is the responsibility of the Father alone.

Q- Which elevated directions does the Father give you children in order for you to continue to make constant progress?

A- Children, in order to make progress: 1) Always stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is only by having remembrance that the rust on the soul will be removed. 2) Never remember the past or have any expectation for the future. 3) Act for the livelihood of your body, but don’t waste whatever time you have. Use your time in a worthwhile way in remembering the Father. 4) Do Godly service for at least eight hours and you will continue to make progress.

D- 1. Do at least eight hours service for the Godly Government and use your time in a worthwhile way. Become as virtuous as the Father.__________2. Don’t remember the past. Let the past be the past and remain constantly cheerful. Remain unshakeable on the drama.

V- May you maintain the intoxication of guaranteed victory and become a conqueror of Maya by receiving multi-million-fold help from the Father.________The children who are worthy of receiving multi-million-fold help from the Father challenge Maya’s attack and say that it is her duty to come and their duty to gain victory. Such children consider a lion form of Maya to be like an ant because they know that this kingdom of Maya is now about to finish. Victory for you souls who have been victorious many times is 100% guaranteed. The intoxication of this guarantee enables you to claim a right to multi-million-fold help from the Father. With this intoxication you will easily become a conqueror of Maya.

S- Accumulate your power of thought and use it for yourself and the world.