Sweet children, together with imbibing this knowledge, and claiming your golden-aged kingdom by accumulate the powers of remembrance and strengthen the purity.

Q- What should be your aim of the efforts that you children now make?

A- To remain constantly happy, to become very sweet and interact lovingly with everyone. This should be the aim of your efforts. By accomplishing this,you will become full of all virtues,16 celestial degrees full.

Q- What is the sign of those whose deeds are elevated?

A- No one experiences sorrow from them. Just as the Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, in the same way, those who perform elevated deeds are removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness.

D- 1. Keep the knowledge and the inheritance you receive from the Father in your awareness and remain constantly cheerful. You have knowledge and yoga, so stay ever ready on the field of service.__________2. Remember the land of happiness and the land of peace. You have to become as sweet as those deities. Stay in unlimited happiness. Become a spiritual teacher and donate this knowledge to others.

V- Practise having introspection to understand the alokik languages and become full of success. ____________The more you children stabilise yourselves in introspection and sweet silence, the more easily you will continue to understand the language of the eyes, the language of feelings and the language of thoughts. These three types of language are the language of a spiritual yogi life. These alokik languages are very powerful. According to the time, it is only through these three languages that you will easily be able to attain success. Therefore, now, develop the practice of those spiritual languages.

S- Become so light that the Father is able to sit you on His eyelids and take you with Him.