Sweet children, when Bharat was heaven, you were in total light. There is now darkness; let us go into the light once again.


Which story has the Father come to tell His children?


Baba says: Sweet children, I tell you the story of your 84 births. When you took your first birth, there was just the deity religion. Then, after two ages, you started to perform devotion and to build huge temples. This is now the end of your many births. You called out: O Remover of Sorrow, Bestower of Happiness, come! Therefore, I have now come.


May you be an image of support and remain double light while fulfilling the responsibility of the elevated task of world transformation.

Those who are images of support have all responsibilities on them. Wherever and however you now set foot, others souls will follow you in the same way. This is your responsibility, but this responsibility helps you a lot in your creating your stage because by doing this you receive blessings from many souls with which the responsibility becomes light. This responsibility finishes your tiredness.


By keeping a balance of the heart and the head, you become successful in service.