Sweet children, one way to become pure is with the power of remembrance and the other way is with the power of punishment. You have to become pure with the power of remembrance and claim a high status.

Q- The Father is the spiritual Surgeon. What type of patience has He come to give you?

A- Just as those surgeons reassure their patients and give them patience, saying that they will soon get better, in the same way, the spiritual Surgeon also reassures you children: Children, don’t be afraid of the illness of Maya. The Surgeon is giving you medicine which will bring out all those illnesses. Thoughts you never had on the path of ignorance will also come. However, you have to tolerate everything. Make a little effort. Your days of happiness are now almost here.

D- 1. You have to imbibe virtues like those of the deities. The evil sanskars you have in you, such as the habit of anger etc., have to be removed. You have to become conquerors of sin. Therefore, don’t perform any sinful actions.______2. In order to become as elevated as diamonds, drink and give others to drink the nectar of knowledge. Gain total victory over the vice of lust. Make yourself satopradhan. Settle all your old karmic accounts with the power of remembrance.

V- May you be a soul who experiments with the facilities and becomes victorious over them with the spiritual endeavour of easy yoga.__________While having facilities and experimenting with them, let your stage of yoga not fluctuate. To be a yogi and to experiment is called being detached. Being instrument while having everything, free yourself from any attraction to it and experiment with it. If you have any desires, those desires will not let you become good and your time will be spent in making effort. At that time, even though you will try to maintain your spiritual endeavour, the facilities will attract you. Therefore, be a soul who experiments and with the spiritual endeavour of easy yoga, be victorious over the facilities, that is, over matter.

S- To remain content and make everyone content is to be a jewel of contentment.