Sweet children, only listen to the things that the Father tells you.Speak no evil! See no evil! Hear no evil!

Q- What faith does the Father inspire you children to have?

A- The Father inspires you to have the faith that He is your Father, your Teacher and your Satguru. You have to make effort to maintain this awareness. However, Maya makes you forget. On the path of ignorance, there is no question of Maya.

Q- When you check your chart, in which aspect do you need an unlimited, broad intellect?

A- When you check for how long you considered yourself to be a soul and remembered the Father. When you check this aspect of your chart, you need an unlimited broad, intellect. Only when you become soul conscious and remember the Father will your sins be absolved.

D- 1. Close your eyes to this dirty, devilish world. This world is old. Therefore, have no further connection with it. Even whilst seeing it, do not see it.___________2. We are actors in this unlimited drama. Whatever happened in the past will repeat, second by second. Maintain this awareness and pass in every subject. You must have an unlimited, broad intellect.

V- May you transform the attitudes of others with your elevated attitude and become an embodiment of constantly success.__________In order to become an embodiment of success, perform the task of transforming attitudes with your own attitude and thoughts with your thoughts. Do research on this. When you become busy in this service, this subtle service will then automatically take you beyond many weaknesses. Now, make a plan for this and the number of students will increase, the income will increase a lot more, you will be given buildings; total success will be easily achieved. This method will make you an embodiment of success.

S- Continue to use your time in a worthwhile way and you will be saved from being deceived by the time.