Sweet children, you have to purify the entire world with the power of yoga. By conquering Maya with the power of yoga you can become the conquerors of the world.

Q- What is the Father's part? On what basis have you children recognised that part?

A- The Father's part is to remove everyone's sorrow and bestow happiness on them, to release everyone from the chains of Ravan. The night of devotion ends when the Father comes. The Father Himself gives you His own introduction and also the introduction of His property. By knowing the one Father you come to know everything.

D- 1. Make the soul satopradhan by removing all your iron-aged bondages of karma from your intellect and donating the five vices. Maintain the pure pride of silence._______2. Use your body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way by sacrificing them with happiness into this sacrificial fire of Rudra. Give everything to the Father at this present time and claim your kingdom from the Father for 21 births.

V- May you be constantly unshakeable and immovable and finish all upheaval with the awareness of being an instrument.____________When you are aware of being an instrument, you easily finish all the many types of “I” and “mine”. This awareness liberates you from all types of upheaval and gives you the experience of the unshakable and immovable stage. You don’t even have to work hard for service, because the intellects of those who become instruments are always aware that whatever they do, others who see them will do the same. To be an instrument for service means to come onto the stage. Everyone’s vision is automatically drawn to the stage. This awareness becomes a means for your safety.

S- Become free from all situations and you will experience the support of God, the Father.