Sweet children, the Father has come from the faraway land in order to establish a new kingdom for you children. You are now becoming worthy of heaven.


What is the sign of children who have unbreakable faith in Shiv Baba?


They continue to follow Baba’s shrimat with their eyes closed, no matter what directions they receive. They would never think that there might perhaps be some damage caused through that because they know that the Father is responsible for the children who have such faith in their intellects. They receive strength from their faith and their stage becomes unshakeable and immovable.


May you be perfect in every subject and make easy yoga natural your nature.

Just as you are the Father’s children and there is no percentage in that, in the same way, let all percentage of yoga finish in your stage of a constant and easy yogi. Let it become natural and your nature. Some people have a particular nature and they continue to move along according to that nature even against their conscious wish. In the same way, let this also become your nature. "What can I do? How can I have yoga?” Finish all of those things and you will become perfect in every subject. Perfect means to be free from effect and defect.


If you want to tolerate something, then tolerate it happily, not out of compulsion.