Sweet children, now become soul conscious, like the Father. The Father’s only desire is that the children become like Him and return home with Him.

On seeing which wonder do you children thank the Father?

The wonder you see is how Baba fulfils His duty. He teaches His children Raja Yoga and makes them worthy. Internally, you children say thank you to such a sweet Baba. Baba says: This word ‘thanks’ belongs to devotion. Children have a right; there is no question of thanking Him for this. According to the drama, the Father has to give the inheritance.


What can storms do to those whose Companion is God?

Essence for dharna:

1. At the confluence of the cycles, settle the accounts of sorrow with the power of yoga and increase your new account. Imbibe jewels of knowledge and become virtuous.

2. I am a soul. I am speaking to a soul, my brother. This body is perishable. Practise: I am giving the message to my brother soul.


May you be loved by all with your good wishes and elevated intentions and become victorious and be threaded in the rosary of victory.

No matter with what intentions someone says anything, or how they interact with you, you must always have good wishes and elevated intentions for each one. Be victorious in this and you will claim a right to be threaded in the rosary. This is because the way to be loved by all is to have elevated feelings for each one in your relationships and connections. Those who have such elevated intentions will constantly give everyone happiness and receive happiness. This is also to do service, and to have good wishes is the elevated way of serving with your mind. Those who do such service become beads of the rosary of victory.


To experience yoga in actions is to be a karma yogi.