Sweet children, make effort and imbibe the divine virtues very well. Never cause anyone sorrow. You shouldn’t have any devilish activities.


What devilish traits spoil your decoration?


To fight and quarrel among yourselves, to sulk, to create chaos at your centre and cause sorrow, are devilish traits that spoil your decoration. Children who, even after belonging to the Father, don’t renounce those devilish traits but continue to act wrongly, suffer a great loss. An account is an account! Dharamraj is with the Father.


May you be a conqueror of matter and Maya and, make your stage unshakeable with knowledge of the drama.

No matter what type of paper comes through matter or Maya, do not have the slightest upheaval. If you have questions such as, "What is this? Why did this happen?”, when a problem attacks you, you fail. So, no matter what happens, let this sound emerge from within: "Wah sweet drama, Wah!” Let there be no thought such as: "Oh! What happened?” Let your stage be such that there is no fluctuation in any thought. Let your stage be constantly immovable and unshakeable and you will receive the blessing of being a conqueror of matter and a conqueror of Maya.


To relate good news and give happiness is a most elevated duty.