Sweet children, the Father has come to give you old devotees the fruit of your devotion. The fruit of devotion is knowledge through which you attain salvation.


How do some children shoot their own fortune down whilst moving along?


If, after belonging to the Father, you don't do service, if you don’t have mercy for yourself or others, you shoot your own fortune down, that is, you destroy your own status. If you study well and stay in yoga, you receive a good status. Serviceable children should have a lot of interest in doing service.


May you be introspective and put the expansion of thoughts and words into their essence.

Pack up the expansion of waste thoughts and become stable in the stage of its essence, that is, merge the sound of waste through words and make it powerful, that is, put it into its essence; this is introspection. Such introspective children can show wandering souls their correct destination with their power of silence. This power of silence can show many beautiful, spiritual, colourful games. With the power of silence, you can hear the sounds in the minds of every soul so closely that it is as though they are speaking personally in front of you.


To remain light in your nature, sanskars, relationships and connections means to become an angel.