Sweet children, you are Godfatherly students. Each of you has to become true rup and basant and only allow jewels of knowledge to emerge constantly from your lips.


Which life-giving herb does Baba give you children to make you children conscious again?


Manmanabhav, that is, remember the Father. Maintain the intoxication: We are studying this study with God to become deities, that is, to claim a royal status. This awareness is the lift-giving herb which makes you conscious again. The stage of such children can never wilt. They always check themselves and continue to caution others.

Essence for dharna:

1. Benefit yourself and others. Become a stick for the blind. When someone tells you wrong things, be cautious of that person.

2. Become pure in your thoughts, words and actions. I am a student and God is teaching me the study to become deities maintain this happiness.


May you become an image who grants visions and grant everyone a vision of themselves with your powerful mirror.

When you go in front of a mirror, you have a very clear vision of yourself. However, if the mirror is not powerful, then, instead of your real form, you would see something else. You may be thin, but you would see yourself as fat. Therefore, you become such a powerful mirror that you give everyone a vision of themselves, that is, as soon as they come in front of you, they forget their bodies and become stable in their soul-conscious form. This is real service, and there will be victory through this.


Those who put the teachings into a practical form are souls who are embodiments of knowledge and embodiments of love.