Sweet children, sit here in soul consciousness. Continue to grind into yourself: I am a soul. Become soul conscious! Write your chart honestly and you will continue to become sensible and experience great benefit.


What law do the children who know this unlimited play have to understand very clearly?


This is an imperishable play in which each actor has to come at his own time to play his part. It is against the law for any actor to say that he wants to stay constantly in the abode of peace. He would not then be called an actor. Only the unlimited Father tells you these unlimited things.


May you be a constant destroyer of obstacles by always wearing your obstacle-proof shining, angelic dress.

In order to be a constant destroyer of obstacles for yourself and others, bid farewell to question marks and, by putting a full stop, keep your stock of all powersfull. Always wear your obstacle-proof, shining angelic dress; do not wear a dress of mud. Together with this, remain decorated with the jewellery of all virtues. Always be a Shakti with eight weapons, a complete idol and keep your feet of an elevated life on a lotus flower.


Pay fullattention to the study and you will claim a number in the first division.